Daily monitoring for Goals achievement

To be efficient and reach their goals, marketing teams need to be focused on their core business and dedicate time to strategic actions.
TrackAd is offering them this opportunity with a unique tool for the optimization and the management of their paid marketing campaigns.

  • save time

    Save a precious time

    Centralize the key data of your paid marketing in one single interface. Don’t lose time in collecting the data from several tools.

  • optimize budget

    Optimize your marketing budget

    Ease your analysis and make profitable marketing investments. Allocate the saved budget on your top traffic sources.

  • take control

    Take the control of your campaigns

    Take action in less than 24 hours on a non-profitable campaign. Drive precisely your campaigns and challenge your traffic sources and your agencies.

The power of relevant information

With more than 20 KPIs per campaign, TrackAd allows you to identify the ROI of any traffic source (CPC, CPA, CPL, CPM).
You know the real cost of each order and its conversion path.
You get essential data and detailed analysis. You make profitable investments.
  • Up to 50%
    CPO Decrease
  • From 10% to 30%
    ROI Increase
  • About 30%
    of time saved

All-in-one solution

TrackAd is the perfect answer to the complex challenges faced by marketing teams in their daily tasks. TrackAd is designed by data experts and performance marketing gurus. Their fields of expertise are Data management, machine learning and UX.
Relevant information

An acknowledged expertise

« Fast and effective »

The volume of online fraud is constantly growing, and we are very pleased that TrackAd allows to identify it and save advertiser’s budget. We are glad for our joint cooperation and we are going to develop it in the future.

« Friendly and powerful »

TrackAd allows us to get a deep analysis of our traffic: conversion, contribution, clients segmentation. We save a precious time and we are protected against all type of fraud as cookie stuffing for example.

« Results over our expectations »

Collaborate with TrackAd has been more than positive for our company. It allowed us to get the right reading of our mix marketing, to save a considerable period of time and deepen our analysis. We quickly made consequent savings with our paid marketing partners.

Everything starts with relevant data collection

TrackAd support E-commerce professionals in the difficult mission of data collection.
TrackAd gathers the data from your different internal tools and partners interface. Then, the data are processed and rendered for an easy reading.

Data collection schema

The most efficient CPA Management Solution

TrackAd includes an advanced module to manage your affiliate or lead acquisition campaigns.
Here are the 4 reasons why it is the most efficient tool to optimize your performances with your CPA platforms and your affiliates.

1 Anti-fraud Solution

purple tick Automatized protection against the main type of fraud including the cookie stuffing

purple tick Alerting by email on main KPIs of fraud control

purple tick Report on publishers' performance and variation of KPIs with highlighting on suspicious results

2 Publishers Management

purple tick Analysis of publisher performance by type of client and used discount code

purple tick Possibility to apply different types of deduplication for orders attribution

purple tick Detailed performance for each publisher on more than 20 KPIs

3 Commissions Management

purple tick All type of commissions: fixed amount per order, percentage of the revenue, percentage per category of product

purple tick Commissions rely on the type of discount code used or on publisher’s type

purple tick Commission are approved depending on the status of the order

4 Financial closing module

purple tick Automized interface in order to make your monthly closings in less than 2 minutes

purple tick Detailed graphical reports on approved and saved budgets for each CPA platform

purple tick Daily export of required data for CPA platforms through XML feed

Predictive performances: your data work for you

Anticipate is one key point of success. Advanced algorithms of TrackAd allow you to plan your actions to reach your goals.

TrackAd offers a predictive analysis of your future results based on your data history. You can now change the trends of your main KPIs.
TrackAd also allows you to compare at any time your actual performance and your forecast on multiple KPIs. Thanks to a detailed report in Excel, you can use this data in your internal documents.

Forecast preview

Read more about our achievements


Campaign performance optimization

33% CPO decrease


Data Analysis

53% of saving


CPA Management

40h saved / month


Affiliate fraud monitoring

20% saved budget

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About TrackAd


TrackAd allows E-commerce companies to make profitable marketing investments.
With a cost centric vision, TrackAd offers to advertisers a total control of their investments.


The story of three French guys who decided to revolutionize the management of online marketing. Emilien, Guillaume and Maximilien met in 2012 in Moscow. With a strong background in IT, digital marketing and E-Commerce, they have developed a technology dedicated to the analysis and optimization of online marketing investments.

The profitability of their client as a main KPI drives the development of their company.



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