• 1. What is TrackAd?
    TrackAd is a cost-centric solution for the management of your online marketing campaigns.
  • 2. Meaning?
    TrackAd gathers the key information for the management of your paid marketing campaigns (Affiliate, SEA, Retargeting, Display/RTB). We are talking about analytics data, CRM and logistic information, traffic sources’ campaigns costs.
  • 3. Who can use TrackAd?
    TrackAd has been designed for Marketing People, Project Manager and Top Management of eCommerce websites. And globally for any people who care about the profitability of their online marketing investments.
  • 4. What does it allow me to do?
    To earn a precious time and to save a lot of money. With a real cost calculation for all your traffic sources, TrackAd allow you to control your paid marketing campaigns with a strong focus on CPO. In 5 minutes, you identify the profitability of all your traffic sources.
  • 5. How?

    TrackAd includes some advanced features to analyze and optimize all your campaigns:

    • Orders deduplication
    • Attribution model management
    • Commission policy for client segmentation
    • Tag management solution
  • 6. It sounds like one more analytic tool for which one I will use only 30% because the other 70% are geek dedicated.

    You will use 100% of TrackAd. TrackAd is made by Marketing People for Marketing People.

    Firstly, TrackAd is a super friendly user interface with an intuitive navigation, clear dashboards and easy readable information.

    Secondly, we train you to get the best of TrackAd.

    Thirdly, you will never walk alone. Technology is great, especially the TrackAd’s one. But we strongly believe in skills sharing and knowledge transfert.

    This is why one TrackAd Marketing Analyst is dedicated to you and your team. He will drive you in the performances optimization and in your goals achievement.

  • 7. How to integrate TrackAd in my technical infrastructure?

    Smoothly and easily. You just have to install one tag on your website (same type than for retargeting for example).

    For information exchange, we are used to work with API for analytics (GA, Coremetrics, Omniture, internal ERP) and CRM data. We provide detailed specifications and hotline for your IT Department. Our record is 48H setting with a client. Wanna to challenge it?:)

  • 8. What kind of performances can I expect from TrackAd?
    Thanks to TrackAd, our clients decrease their CPO from 20% to 50%. We are talking about huge saving of marketing budgets. With TrackAd, you will not make extraordinary things. You will do your job. But you will do it extraordinary well.

Built By Marketing People

For Marketing People

SimpleTO Install

FriendlyTO use

They boost their sales with TrackAd

Main functionalities of TrackAd

  • Advanced TMS with a 200 tags library
  • Automated cost collection for each traffic source
  • Cost segmentation by CRM status: new, existing, reanimation...
  • Promo code management: print, loyalty, special offer...
  • Driving of affiliate platforms and webmasters
  • Orders deduplication
  • Affiliate fraud protection
  • Management of simple and complex attribution models
  • Advanced module for Display/ RTB campaigns management
  • Detailed conversion patch for each order
  • Customized Report editing
  • Save a precious time

    The key data of your paid marketing are centralized in one single interface. You dedicate less resource to drive your campaigns.

  • Optimize your marketing budget

    You make profitable marketing investment and allocate the saved budget on the top traffic sources. You optimize your acquisition campaigns with suitable remuneration models.

  • Take the control of your campaigns

    You take action in less than 24h on a non-profitable campaign. Thanks to an accurate monitoring of your main KPIS, you challenge the traffic sources and your agencies.

  • Make your own decisions

    You are no longer dependent of your IT Department to start a new traffic source. You edit your own report without waiting for the weekly or monthly review of your partners.

A marketing team faces many daily challenges. Among several duties, they collect a lot of data and they have to make sharp analysis. The wrong reading of this key information can strongly damage the profitability of their actions.

The most common causes are:

  • The wide range of the referring tools: tag management solution, analytics tools, CRM, logistic data
  • The lack of an interface gathering the key information for the decision making
  • The difficulty to identify the profitable traffic sources

To be efficient and reach their goals, the marketing managers and their team need to be focused on their core business and dedicate time to strategic actions. TrackAd is offering them this opportunity with a unique tool for the optimization and the management of their paid marketing campaigns.

TrackAd Outsourcing

Global expertise and management of paid marketing

CPA Management

  • Writing of detailed description of the offer

    Information about targeted audience
    Overall performance of the website
    Website’s advantages for clients
    Benefits for partners taking part in the offer

  • Building of relevant commission policy

    Definition of the commissions depending on the type clients (new / loyal), promo codes used and product categories
    Definition of authorized and forbidden traffic

  • Integration of all main affiliate platforms

    Control and validation of codes installation through our tag container
    Configuration of automatic orders reconciliation

  • Fraud protection

    Fraud identification including cookie dropping and wrong deduplication
    Monthly report with information about protected orders and the savings made

  • Management of promo materials

    Update of banners and emails
    Communication with webmasters regarding active and incoming promo-actions

  • Administrative management

    Monthly reconciliation
    Payments to affiliate platforms
    Accounting closing documents

Retargeting Management

  • Bids optimization based on your segments users

    New clients and loyal clients
    Low funnel and mid-funnel bids management
    Definition of one targeted CPO for each segment

  • Management of the marketing materials

    Renewal of the banners depending on your promo-actions
    Banners A/B tests for CTR increase
    Testing of landing pages based on user segments

  • Creating strategy based on Orders’ growth or CPO decrease

    Controlling of the main KPIs
    Fast solving of under-performance
    Weekly reports and Month-to-month analysis

  • Deployment of dedicated technical bridges with each retargeting solution

    XML feed with Gross and Net orders performance
    Dedicated interface to consult the performance of the campaigns
    Optimization of the retargeting algorithm
    Creation and unification of deduplication parameters

Case Studies

Affiliate fraud

TrackAd - Multitask analytical tool

Affiliate platforms launch and development

Campaign optimization by categories and regions

TrackAd. Get the good information to make the right decision.

Our clients are talking

Mikhail Solodovnikov

Head of online Marketing

Fast and Effective

Cooperation with TrackAd is a positive experience for us. Thanks to TrackAd specialists constant support, all steps, from the integration and configuration of the interaction structure to the 5 CPA networks launching in a week and required reports building were in an easy and fast way. All work is supported by expertise and recommendations from TrackAd team.

Andrew SInitsyn

Traffic Manager

Friendly and Powerful

TrackAd allows us to get a deep analysis of our traffic: conversion, contribution, clients segmentation. We save a precious time and we are protected against all type of fraud as cookie stuffing for example. I recommend.

Polina Ross

Area development manager

Professionals in their field

TrackAd technology helps us to quickly and easily evaluate the effectiveness of each traffic channel and provides the opportunity to track the key indicators we are interested in. TrackAd specialists not only deliver the KPIs we’ve determined, but they always react very promptly to any question and give clear and detailed answers.

Yuliana Gordon

General Manager

Referent Tool

With TrackAd we have a unique and 360° view of the effectiveness of our marketing actions on each channel. We quickly draw conclusions and make decisions based on reliable and objective data.

Irina Chikisheva

Head of Paid traffic Department

Control and economy

TrackAd saves time for collecting and processing the data. Thanks to TrackAd we can understand the effectiveness of free and paid channels and track the CPO growth at the right time. The solution helps us to combat poor-quality traffic from webmasters. TrackAd, in conjunction with other tools, has made marketing costs more transparent.  

TrackAd Services

Technology without services limits your chance of success.

With TrackAd, we provide high quality of services to daily support you in your challenges.


  • TrackAd training session for your team








We will be glad to talk with you about your project, your needs and your goals.

A conference call is the ideal first step of our collaboration. Please give us few information about you, we will contact you in the coming 24h.

Who is TrackAd?

TrackAd has been designed by a French team of eMarketing specialists. Mixing their skills and experience of eCommerce projects management, they built the ideal interface to control the profitability of your investments in paid marketing campaigns. Our R&D daily works on the improvement of the tool. Challenged by our clients, new features are added to make of TrackAd the perfect answer to the challenges faced by marketing teams.

Based in Moscow, TrackAd is used by the top 100 eCommerce Russian websites. Thanks to this success, we decided to extend its presence in Europe. TrackAd is now used in France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Netherland.